IMRA Irish Mountain Running Association

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IMRA stands for the Irish Mountain Running Association. They are a non-profit organization established in 1989 with the primary aim of promoting and developing mountain running as a sport in Ireland.

What Is Mountain Running

Mountain running is a form of running that involves racing on trails and terrain that is more rugged and steep than traditional road races.


IMRA has grown significantly over the years. It now boasts over 3,000 members from all over the country. The organization has become a central hub for the mountain running community in Ireland.

It provides a platform for runners to meet, compete, and share their love of the sport.

IMRA Events

IMRA organizes a range of events throughout the year. These range from small local races to large-scale national championships and Ultra Marathons.

Over 100 events are hosted annually, taking place on mountains and trails throughout the country. Races are open to runners of all abilities, with categories for juniors, seniors, and masters.


The calendar is split into two main seasons, the winter league and the summer league. The winter league runs from September to April and features shorter races on less challenging terrain.

The summer league runs from May to August and includes longer races on more challenging mountain terrain. Both leagues culminate in national championships, which are highly competitive events that attract some of the best mountain runners in the country.

IMRA Workshops

In addition to the races, IMRA also offers a range of training events and workshops throughout the year.

These events are designed to help runners improve their skills and fitness, and they cover a range of topics, from technical mountain running to nutrition and injury prevention.

IMRA Benefits

One of the unique features of IMRA is its emphasis on community and inclusivity. It places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, with a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the mountains and trails where races are held.

IMRA is run entirely by volunteers, who are passionate about promoting the sport of mountain running in Ireland.

The organization relies on the hard work and dedication of its members to organize races, training events, and other activities throughout the year. Everything is funded through membership fees, race entry fees, and donations.

How To Join IMRA

One of the main benefits of joining are the low costs. Registration for a calendar year is just €10 with €5 for juniors and OAPs. Once you register you will be given a race bib which can be used for each event you take part in.

Most races cost just €7 with €5 rates for juniors and OAPs. Larger races such as the Maurice Mullins Ultra can cost anywhere from €20.

Overall IMRA is the best option for anyone interested in mountain running in Ireland. Its commitment to promoting the sport, providing opportunities for runners of all abilities, and fostering a sense of community and inclusivity make it a unique and valuable resource for the mountain running community.