Eoin Keith Completes 4th Silva Northern Traverse

Eoin Keith
Eoin Keith heads for the finish line

Eoin Keith has completed his 4th Silva Northern Traverse finishing in 7th place. The Ultra running legend crossed the line in a time of 57 hrs 5 minutes.

There was no sign of fatigue with just over two weeks since his  Barkley Marathon attempt in which he unfortunately tapped out on loop two.

Eoin is a previous two-time winner of the event both in 2016 and 2018.

Speaking before the race he said –

“This weekend I’ll be doing a very unorthodox version of post-Barkley recovery by taking part in the Northern Traverse. I think I’ll be the only person to enter all four editions of the race and hopefully complete all four.”

“I won the first two but there is no chance of that this time. So many excuses, still recovering from Barkley, older and slower, and a high level of competition.”

Silva Northern Traverse

The Silva Northern Traverse takes participants on a 300k journey following wainwright’s coast to coast route from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Runners face over 6,500 metres of elevation and are given 5 days to complete the race.

This years race was won by James Nobles in a time of 47 hours 15 minutes.